WESTDENE D vs WELLS C By Dennis Sweeney

 With the opening game turning into a 5 set match the scene was set for a long evening. Dave Beggs got over the line 11-7 in the 5th. In the second Mikey Maikov took the first set from third in the averages Dennis Sweeney. Sweeney recovered to take the next three and Woodford Wells C went 2-0 up.

The third match was another 5 set match and Jeff Blackshaw 8-10 down won next four points to win 12-10. Mikey continuing in a rich vein of form then beat Beggs 3-0. Mikey continued beating Jeff Blackshaw bringing score to 2-3. Marion Sweeney then beat Moir for 2-4. Jeff then beat Marion for 2-5.

Bob Moir lost to Dave Beggs which led to the premier match. With valentine cards exchanged the final singles was one of those rare Sweeney versus Sweeney heart meetings. An anti climax as Dennis ran out a 3-0 winner. He then joined Dave Beggs to beat Marion & Bob to record a fine 8/2 win.

Westdene B play tomorrow and need a 9/1 victory to secure second spot.

Author: via West Essex Table Tennis League
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