Gunson Cup 2018 1st round draw and results

Gunson Cup 2018

As there are 33 teams entered, two teams were drawn at random to play in a preliminary round. These were Southport D against Argyle A.
The winner of this preliminary round plays in the main draw.

Preliminary round:

Southport D  (310)433vs440Argyle A     

First round:

Princes St E  Win by WO vs Argyle F
Argyle J 288vs405Southport C
Crosby D351vs350Princes St D  (38)
Argyle C387vs432Paraplegics A   (138)
Argyle A    (42)389vs376Southport A
Argyle G   (26)331vs380North Meols A
Formby HT A Win by WO vs Crosby E
Argyle D395vs409Argyle H (102)
Crosby A381vs400Crosby C   (56)
Princes St A274vs454Crosby H  (336)
Crosby G   (312)419vs440Crosby B
Southport B (88)390vs409Formby HT B
Crosby F   (158)492vs393Princes St C
Argyle E  (34)426vs241Waterloo B
Waterloo A  (80)439vs349Princes St B
Princes St F  (202)417vs430Argyle B

The above draw to be published by 22-11-18.
The matches to be played Week Commencing 03-12-18
Copy of Score Sheet to be with the Fixture Secretary by 14-12-18,
preferably by email to 

Rules 33 a, b & c apply. Pay particular attention to Rule 33c.  Home Captains to confirm the match night with the away Captains at least 5 days before the match is due to be played.

In the event of a tie, Rules 32c and 32d apply.

A Prelim SPT D v ARG A  ARG D v H ARG G v NM ARGA v SPT A CRR D v PRI D CRS A v C CRS F v PRI C CRS G v CRS B Gunson Cup Argyle J vs Southport C


Paras v ARG C PRI A v CRS H Southport B vs Formby HT B Gunson Cup







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