Divisional singles and best pairs

This year we will again be running the Divisional Singles Event and the closing date for entries is Friday 19th October.


A list of players confirming entry will be updated on a regular basis between now and the 19th.


Team Captains have been informed and please contact Graham Bowland to confirm entry.

Division 1

Richard Whiteley, Bryan Birkbeck, Graham Bowland, Andy Whiteley, Paul Walker, Joe Wright, Kamil Kowlowski, Malcolm Noble, John Wooldridge, Sammy Kelly, David Jackson, Tim Simpson, Adam Ridley, Deo Jones, Filip Wojtkowiak, Kiran Babra, Paul Wharton, Tanya Wlaaer, George Chan

Division 2

Mike Simpson, Phil Ralli, Andy Challenger, Rohan Johar, Andy Cousins, George Asbury, Theo Kelly, Frank Kucera, Tim Walbank, Dale Ward, Nathan Crocker, Garry Stockburn, Sarah Jackson, Alan Kitchen, Alan Whittaker

Division 3

Jim Walker, Tony Marshall, Les Wood, Anish Johar, Emma Hagues, Howard Innocent, Neil Pell, Roger Hill, Ben Collins, Aman Joshua, Tom Barlow, Gabriel Mead, Earl Williams, Ian Gomerson, John Baker, John Rowley, Glen Apperley, Samuel Joia, John Halbert, Jeremy Pickworth

Division 4

Kevin Bates, Kate Reid, Abhinav Kant, Nick Ross, Brook Sutton, Charlie Lockett, Maciej Cwiklicki, Holly Shepherd, Simon Wilson, Roy Mackay, Christine Wilson-Smith, Rebecca O'Brien, David O'Brien, Martin Mathhieson, Kaif Saeed, Tom Sutill, Jonathan Asbury, Harry Hudson, Vicky Hudson, Grant Murray, Lewis Pocock, Eshan Saeed,  David Smith


Best Pairs

Divisions 1&2


Divisions 3 & 4

Emma Hagues, Les Wood, Eric Mitchell, Jim Walker, Warren Shermer

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