Club Report 160314
Club Report 160414
Fixtures for this week
20/03/2014 Thurs Aces Away Thompson Ins B
20/03/2014 Thurs Chargers Away St John B
21/03/2014 Friday Bombers Home Redby B
21/03/2014 Fri Comets N Home Old England Crocks(Cup)
21/03/2014 Friday Desperadoes Home St Johns C
Team List Desperadoes
21/03/2014 Friday Desperadoes Home St Johns C Jack Pugh Aidan McKie Max Duffin
Team List Chargers
20/03/2014 Thurs Chargers Away St John B Peter Whitfield Barry Dingwall Anna Kiwitt

West B v Desperadoes. This was supposed to be a game between a promotion chasing team with the well respected Alan Whitwham, Michael Redfearn and Vic Austin who have held second position in the league from the first few weeks, against the bottom placed Desperadoes team with  the talented Erin Harrison, the much improving Max Duffin and the consistent Robert Atkinson. Many of the games were ding dong 5 enders and the young team were never overawed by the more experienced West team . Erin Harrison beat Vic Austin over 5 ends and Max Duffin took both Vic and Michael to 5 ends before eventually succumbing, Robert was unlucky not to win any ends but competed very well and never looked out of place. The game of the night was however the doubles where Erin and Max took on Alan and Tom Turner. The game went the full length and was marked by Max’s effective use of his top spin lobs and Erin’s backhand drives and the youngsters beat the West duo 3-2 . Overall no points for Desperadoes in an 8-2 defeat but plenty of respect and admiration from the West team who  selected Max Duffin as man of the match for attitude and approach to the game.
Chargers v East Boldon
The newest team in the league East Boldon are riding high and having beaten West B were hoping to confirm a promotion spot by taking all points from the Chargers. Turning out a full strength team of Neil Wilkinson, Jeff Hope and Carlos Caldeira against Anna Kiwitt, Peter Whitfield and Simon Hackett it proved to be an interesting evening with some fascinating tussles.  Anna lost her match against Jeff but all games were close. The next game was Neil who is the 5th best player in the league against Sacriston’s newest recruit Simon, who blew him away without dropping an end. Peter took the first two ends against Carlo but Carlos’s attacking top spins proved decisive as he came back to win 3-2. Jeff from East Boldon couldn’t cope with Simon’s attacking play and succumbed in three ends. The doubles proved a tactical match with defensive play from both sides, Neil and Carlos against Simon and Anna. The match was played over 5 ends and only won 12-10 in the final end by Carlos and Neil. Anna was no match for Carlos who won easily in three ends and Neil beat Peter who couldn’t cope with his topspin drives. Simon continued his winning ways with a three end win against Carlos. Peters game against Jeff was the most tactical of the night with Neil at first falling into the trap of playing defensive and going behind and eventually starting to attack to even the game up. The final end was a fantastic struggle but eventually Jeff’s attacking forehands beat Peter 15-13 in the last end. Neil proved his class in the last game but credit was given to Anna for her approach and technical ability. East Boldon won 7-3 but have dropped a point in their quest for promotion. Player of the match Simon Hackett won all games without dropping an end.
Comets v Cramlington Nights
With a mix up in communication only Nikki and Debbie Irwin turned up for the game against Cramlington Knights and with the need to gain as many points as possible they had to ensure they won all their games to keep the pressure on Newcastle Communities who had taken over at the top of the league. Nikki and Debbie duly obliged taking all the matches and the doubles to record a 7-3 win which will give them the lead over Newcastle going into the last three games.  

Bombers away at St Gabriel’s C
Dan Hutchinson and Nigel Coe were joined by Lee Maher making his second appearance of the season against the St Gabriels C team of the aggressive Bomber Helm, the experienced Syd Gooding and Graeme Murden who are leading the division by 6 points. The game swayed back and forth and with Lee Maher winning all his matches and taking the doubles with Nigel Coe and Nigel Coe winning one of his singles, the result was  a share of the points, 2 points each in a  5-5 score with Lee as Player of the match.
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